Best Clinics & Cost of Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Few of the best clinics with the best cost for permanent laser hair removal in Delhi

Here we are listing few of the best clinics offering the best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi. Have also mentioned the indicative prices/cost of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

Laser hair removal! Yes, you read it right, its everywhere these days. From newspaper and magazine advertisements, radio spots to billboards in DMRC and giant billboards looming from roadways, people across India and especially in metro cities like Delhi have learned that laser hair removal is quickest, safest and most convenient and affordable ways to get rid of unwanted hairs. Thanks to the technological advancement, people of Delhi/NCR can easily find number of affordable places across the city for laser hair removal.

But, the obvious question strikes, that when the city is beaming with numerous advertisements and so many medical spas, clinics, salons and niche boutiques are offering it, how do one find the place which is most reliable and experienced? How a concerned person find a best professional in Delhi/NCR for the job? The answer to all your queries is “Curves n Cure” website.

Over the course of article, we will be the discussing major centers in Delhi/NCR for laser hair removal, various techniques available and prices of hair laser treatment along with other useful Dos and Don’ts.

Few Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Delhi

Lumiere Dermatology

Taking Laser Hair Removal to a next level. Under the leadership of renowned dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia and with state of the art technologies and read more...

Care Well Medical Centre

Started in the millennium year under the leadership of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, who has pioneered the art of laser hair removal, Care Well Medical Center read more...

Older generation techniques available in Delhi region for hair removal were slow, painful and worked on individuals with dark hair and light skin tone. Today with technological exchange of information from various regions of the world, at Delhi we have laser hair removal machines for all sorts of hair and skin tone, performing on any part of the body.

What are the different types of lasers?

There are mainly four different types of lasers- ND Yag, Alexandrite, Diode, and IPL

  1. ND Yag - Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet has fast repetition rates and large coverage areas, which makes it ideal for covering larger body areas in a short period of time. With a wavelength of 1064nm and up to 10Hz of repetition rates, ND Yag woks faster than any other type of laser. Its pulse width is 10-50ms. It has a spot size of 1-5mm and fluence of 20-100. ND Yag is suitable for all skin types. However, it is less effective on white or light hairs and fine hairs.
  2. Alexandrite - With 755nm wavelength, Alexandrite laser has excellent skin penetration rate. It works extremely fast and is most suitable for treating larger areas of body. The laser also changes the skin pigment, i.e. it lightens or darkens the existing tones of skin. Most appropriate for white skin tones, it shows improved results on finer and thinner hairs. Candidates with white shin shade can look forward to alexandrite lasers. Those with darker skin tones must consider other options.
  3. Diode - Diode lasers have fast repetition rates and covers larger portions of body, at one go. It is safer and penetrates deeper into the skin layers, than other lasers. Diode lasers have longer wavelength, of 800-810nm, which makes it ideal for darker skin tones. Its spot size is 9mm, fluence of 10-40, pulse width of 5-30ms, and repetition rate of 1Hz. Although diode lasers have some pigment effects, such effects are transient. It is not a good option treating finer and thinner hairs. It works wonders for skin types 1 to 4, and is also effective for other skin.
  4. IPL - Intense pulse light hair removal aren’t actually lasers, however work in equivalent to modern laser technology. IPL is based on the concept of selective photothermolysis, and is more difficult to operate, than most laser devices. Using IPL requires specialised skills and experience.

    A unique feature of IPL is that it can be customised according to the hair colour, skin colour, and depth of hairs. It works without hurting the neighbouring cells and tissues and is suitable for all skin types. People with darker skin colour and lighter hair colour are most suitable for IPL. It is safest and gives most improved results, after treatment. Those with blonde, white, or red hairs must never consider IPL for removing unwanted hairs.

Now after having a fair idea of centers and technologies available in Delhi region for laser hair treatment, the obvious question that comes to mind is the procedure costly? The answer is NO!

The average rate of hair removal depends upon the area and the procedure and the center of treatment, but when Curves n Cure compiled data of the treatment offered in Delhi/NCR, it came to be –

Cost of Laser Hai Removal in Delhi (All costs are per session)

Full Face: Rs. 2,000 - Rs. 5,000/- per session,
Full Legs and Thighs: Rs. 4,000/- to Rs. 10,000/-
Full Arms: Rs. 3,000/- to 7,500/-,
Bikini Area: Rs. 2,000/- , Rs. 3,500
Underarms: Rs. 1,000/- - Rs. 2,000
Full Body: Rs. 7,500 - to Rs. 18,000/-

Some of the places provide free consultation, others charge a marginal fee of Rs. 500/- to Rs. 2,000 for the consultation and subsequently design the course of treatment depending upon the number of days and the session required to remove the unwanted hair. Many centers have also tied up with financing company to provide an easy EMI option to the patients to avoid the one-time pinch in the pocket.

As we have seen that laser hair removal can be done with various type of techniques and machines depending upon the skin tone and hair type, hence it is advisable to have one to one session with the doctor and if possible multiple session of counseling and discussion before undergoing the treatments. No doubt, laser hair removal is the best and the safest ways of removing unwanted hair and letting your skin glow, but since there are multiple factors such as spot size, cooling type which certainly decides the effectiveness of the treatments one must consult an expert with vast experience and knowledge.

It become obvious that one must consult a dermatologist before undergoing the laser hair removal therapy. Dermatology is the branch of science which study with the type of skin and their disorders and the doctor who specializes in practicing this is called dermatologist. Without, the consultation of dermatologist one should never undergo laser therapy for hair removal, as there are different types of skin tone and hair and the technique used to treat them certainly is decided by the dermatologists. Also, what are the post-surgery side effects and the precautions to be taken must be decided by the dermatologists. For a permanent hair removal effect the dermatologist consultation is must post surgery as well.

There might be several questions which would come to mind, following FAQs section deals with them

1) Who is the suitable candidate for the hair laser removal?
The laser treatment is suitable for all skin and hair types except grey hair. One must consult an experienced dermatologist before undergoing laser treatment.

2) What is the proper age for this treatment?
There is no such age limit defined for the process to be carried out, but it is advisable that one should go through the treatment after achieving the age of 20 plus.

3) Is the treatment painful?
The answer to this question depends upon the technique used to carry out the laser therapy, in some techniques like Diode hair laser removal, there is slight pain, where as there are techniques like Neo Ultima which has comparatively very less or no pain.

4) How much time does this laser hair removal surgery takes?
The treatment takes very less time depending upon the area of hair removal, for example it takes about 30 minutes to treat the entire back area.

5) How many sessions of therapy is required?
Answer to this question depends upon the technique and the skin tone, but generally 5 - 8 session is what is required.

6) Are there any side effects of this treatment?
There are very marginal side effects in few cases, which includes turning of the skin under treatment red and slight sensation and burning post-surgery. In very few cases the skin swells, which last for couple of days. Most of the trusted and experienced Laser clinic in Delhi have successfully conducted numerous laser hair removal, but it’s always safe to visit a dermatologist before undergoing the therapy.

7) Is the treatment long lasting and does it remove the unwanted hairs permanently?
The laser hair removal after multiple sessions of therapy is a permanent method of getting rid of body hair, and if by chance the hair regenerates, it is very thin and requires touch up sessions.

8) Are the treatment equally useful for men as well?
Yes, the laser treatment is successful in case of male also. We can have examples from the film actors like, Akshay Kumar, Akshay Khanna, Ajay Devgan and many actor and model have gone under laser hair removal treatment for removing hair from chest and back area.

9) Is the laser hair removal technique safe for pregnant women?
There is no research which suggests that the process is not safe for expecting mother, but it is advisable to not go laser therapy because of the changes in hormones during pregnancy.

10) How to choose a laser hair removal center in Delhi/NCR region?
To choose a center for laser hair removal in Delhi, one must look at the profile of doctors, dermatologist and surgeons performing the laser hair removal. One can also go through the latest techniques being offered and at what price these techniques are being offered. Ask for history of successful cases performed and related pictures of the patient pre-and post-surgery. Also, try to find does the clinic haves any foreign collaborations or certification to prove what it claims. Look for what kind of other bundled offers and packages the clinic is offering. Are there any hidden charges involved in the pricing? Check for the efficient and sufficient apparatus the clinic is using. Is the apparatus medically approved by the Delhi/ Government of India? Has the clinic all the necessary license to operate in the region?

One can refer above three clinics mentioned in the article, as these are standard setters in the domain in Delhi region. We at Curves n cures have tried our best in helping the people in Delhi region to locate a clinic with high efficiency and low cost for permanent laser hair removals.

Lumiere Dermatology

Under the leadership of renowned dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia and with state of the art technologies and machinery, Lumiere dermatology is “the” place to visit for all the skin related issues in Delhi/NCR region. Organic dermatology is the vision with which Lumiere Clinic operates and guarantees long term solutions to all problems instead of temporary fixes. With special care to every individual, we tailor-make our approach as we do not believe in one fits all ideology. From problem genesis to termination of the problem we monitor our client to craft a 360-degree solution, highest standards of care and comfort at the most reasonable prices. Lumeiere is the only center which provides 360-degree approach, which includes basic skin care, diet programs followed by feedbacks so that one can have natural beauty throughout lifetime.

At Lumiere Dermatology,we offer all the advanced laser hair removal techniques such as Soprano ICE, Soprano Pro, The Trio Ultima and The Light Neo at best price and provide complete advice on diet and precautions. After the treatment is performed, we still maintain touch with our client and seek their feedback to know how well they are recovering and is the effect desirable. We have currently two centers operating in Delhi, one at Vasant Vihar and the other one at Panchsheel Park and will be expending to other Delhi/NCR regions as well. We provide round the clock consultation and for any query please reach out to us.

Dr. Kiran Lohia- Best practicing dermatologist in India, mentioned by Elle Magazine, Dr. Kiran Lohia is widely renowned as one of the top skin specialist in Delhi/NCR. Born, educated and trained in New York, currently practicing in Delhi she has master degree in dermatologist from Columbia University and is American Board Certified specializing in aesthetic medicine, cosmetics lasers and laser surgery. She is member of American Medical Association, American Society of Dermatology, American Society of Laser and medicine, European Society of Cosmetics and Aesthetics Dermatology and many other international and national associations.

Dr. Kiran Lohia has been consistently educating the masses and generating awareness of skin issues by writing articles and has been featured in prominent magazines and newspapers, to name a few like Times of India, The Deccan Herald, The Tribune. Dr. has served on several expert panels and visiting faculty at various prominent institutions.

Care Well Medical Centre

Started in the millennium year under the leadership of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, who has pioneered the art of laser hair removal, Care Well Medical Center in one stop for all your hair and skin related issues. Care Well clinic has integrated itself into “the” place for offering best treatment of laser hair removal and other cosmetic surgeries by providing lovely ambience and comfort to their patients. Safety is our top most concern while performing any surgery or treatment. The main aim is to provide the required results to the patients, so that they get treatment that provides anti-aging care, diode laser hair removal, hair restoration and skin tightening, all these best facilities for our customers to fulfill their desire and provide them with maximum satisfaction.

To achieve the goal, Care well has a large team of experienced and skilled professionals, who are considered industry stalwarts in the Delhi/NCR region for the skin therapy. We offer one of the best and competitive cost for hair laser removal, starting from Rs. 2000/- for face for single session to Rs.8500/- for full body for single session. However, the price may vary depending upon host of other factors like area of the skin to be treated, type of skin, colour of skin, type of machine used to perform the therapy and finally number of sessions needed. Care Well Medical Center offers cost which are pocket friendly and affordable with no hidden charges involved. We have our clinic at Chitranjan Park in south Delhi and operate seven days of the week.

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin- Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is an eminent name in the field of Cosmetic Surgery & Alternative Therapies with more than 20 years of work experience as a cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is a trained Cosmetic & Laparoscopic Surgeon and has done graduation & Master in surgery from Aligarh Muslim University. He has practiced Cosmetic Surgery in Various Hospitals across India, like KEM Mumbai and has conducted training programmes at AIIMS. He is an active member of AHRS - Hair Restoration community.

He is Specialized in hair transplantation and hair laser treatment and is pioneer in Ozone Therapy. Dr, Bhasin has published several articles across newspaper and magazines highlighting his work and generating awareness related to skin and hair diseases. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin himself supervises each surgery at Care Well Medical center, so that his experience and research could be used to provide the patient desirous result, with utmost care and comfort.