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Vaser LipoSelection: As name suggests Vaser Liposuction allows to remove fat from selected areas of the body like creating six pack with the help of Vaser LipoSelection is easy. Get the best package on Vaser LipoSelection with us

What is Vaser Liposuction and how does it work?

Vaser is an acronym for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Vaser liposuction is a high definition liposuction technique which uses high frequency ultrasound waves to break loose fat cells which are eliminated through a suction canola.

This technique is said to be less invasive and more efficient means of fat elimination as compared to the conventional technique as it is more targeted and minimizes injury or disruption to blood vessels and nerves. This process is hence has a speedy recovery time.

Applications of Vaser Liposuction

1. VASER 4D for 6 – pack surgery, hour glass figure surgery and buttock reshaping: Vaser 4D is a more advanced version of Vaser liposuction as it takes it one step forward by enabling sculpting of the body to the desired proportions thus beautifying it further. It is used to target fat pockets in selected areas like arms, buttocks, chest, abdomen etc. It enables in enhancing muscle definitions through a technique known as dynamic lighting.

Through this technique, the fat is initially held by injecting a tumescent fluid and then carefully broken down to give a properly sculpted look. The fat removed may also be injected elsewhere in the body to give the desired sculpted look. The procedure is complete within 2hrs and is very less invasive and minimizes swellings and abrasions.

2. Abdomen VASER: This is a procedure to eliminate the bulging, stubborn fat deposits in you abdomen, hip and waist region. VASER technique doesn’t just help in removing fat from these regions but also helps in obtaining the desired figure. It is less invasive hence doesn’t require many days to recover and get back to normal life. Now anyone can get instant relief from flabby tire and love handles without months of starving and strenuous exercises or diet regime

3. Contouring of thighs: VASER helps in giving structure to flabby areas like the thighs and helps in ightening of the skin also. When all the exercises and diet regime fail to tone down the thigh region, this technique gives fab results and quick recovery with minimal invasion. Thighs would change from flab to fab within a very short time and with less strain.

4. Scarless Breast Reduction: VASER liposuction technique helps in reducing breast size down to 1-2 cup size and there is a noticeable tightening of breast skin and a lift. This enables older women and women with sagging breasts post pregnancy to get a tight toned figure and sculpted look. The whole procedure is scarless and minimal invasive. Ultrasound waves melt the excess fat from the breasts which is then suctioned out. The end result is firmer and better proportioned breasts which has minimal scars and is toned. The anesthesia used is local and not general. Hence no grogginess or uncomfortable sensations post treatment. The recovery period is also very quick and doesn’t require lot of precautions or dieting post treatment.

5. Male breast surgery – Gynecomastia: This term Gynecomastia comes from a greek word Gyne for women and mastos for breasts. This condition occurs when a ale develops mammary glands if abnormal proportions. This is very awkward and is treatable with liposuction or VASER. VASER has an advantage over the traditional liposuction technique with regards to skin tightening. While the traditional process is not very successful in regaining the tightness of skin and shrinking the skin to normal size, VASER does this with ease and that too with minimum invasion and very less scarring. In cases where the tissue is very hard, a very common issue in Gynecomastia, the incision made is very minimal in the case of VASER thus leading to quicker healing.

6. Neck liposuction Many people diet to lose weight but as an aftermath get loose saggy skin in the neck region. Also, abnormal or sudden weight gain tends to form a double chin which is highly awkward to look at and makes one look too old for their age. The solution for such problems is a neck liposuction wherein the excess fat is suctioned out through ultrasound and the skin is tightened again making one look supple and young. The skin looks firm and toned.

7. Calf & ankle liposuction Calf and ankles are other areas which don’t respond well on diets. Fat accumulated in these regions needs special attention and technique to be removed. VASER works really well in suctioning fat in these areas effectively and tightening the skin and toning it down to minimize saggy skin for a firmer and well toned look.

Benefits of VASER LipoSelection
1. Smooth contouring: The VASER technique helps in enabling a smooth well toned and well structured contour to the body without dimpling or irregularities as found in traditional liposuction.
2. Minimal Invasion: This technique involves lesser incision and invasion hence guarantees a speedy recovery with minimal pain and scarring.
3. Skin retraction is also very quick and effective in this method. No more sagging skin post treatment and fat removal.
4. Re-treatments: This is a cost effective method with fewer complications and re-visits to the clinic.
5. The amount of physician fatigue involved is also less as the process is less complicated and quick.

Traditional LiposuctionVaser Liposuction
Uses ultrasound to dislodge fat from the bodyUses thermal energy to dislodge fat
Produces effective contouring resultsMight
No damage to nerves and tissuesResults in certain level of damage to nerves and tissues
No scarring and bruisingPotential scarring and bruising post treatment
Quick recoveryPain and bruising leads to slow recovery
Minimum post treatment exercise to musclesExtensive exercise to bring about proper firmness and contour to the body
Fine and sculpted well toned body post treatmentSome level of irregularity seen and finesse is not achieved
Can treat sensitive and small regions like neck and chin, breasts also effectivelyCommonly used on abdomen. thighs, hips and love handles. Risk to sensitive or soft areas is potentially