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Liposuction is a kind of surgery which enables remodeling and restructuring of body contour by removing fat. This is done in condition where the person has not been able to burn the fat through regular diet or exercise.

Liposuction is been popularly believed to be a weight loss program though in reality it is just a means of improving body contours by eliminating or manipulating fat cells from beneath the skin. Liposuction is effective on patients with a young and elastic skin with a scope to tighten back. On older patients however, the procedure would result in sagging and loose skin. Though there is no restriction on who can take this procedure, a person with BMI over 30 is likely to get saggy skin and might not find the procedure very effective.

Liposuction-The history

Liposuction was first started by a French surgeon, Charles Dujarier who in 1920 performed it on a model which resulted in gangrene formation. After that the procedure lost interest and was reinstated in 1974 by two Italian gynecologists Arpad and Giorgio Fischer. They found a new method known as the blunt tunneling method. This procedure however gained popularity after 1982, by a presentation made by Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz about a new procedure involving infusing fluid into tissues using blunt cannulas and vacuum suction to remove fat deposits from under the skin layers.

Another doctor, Pierre Fournier, French by origin, discovered the effectiveness of lidocaine as a local anesthesia. The 1980s saw many variations and experimentations in liposuction techniques and the process was made more better and effective with replacing lidocaine with more fluid and less toxic substitutes. The late 1990s saw more variations with people experimenting with ultrasound to loosen fat cells and suction it out. After about 30 years of experimentation, liposuction today is more developed and can effectively suction out more fat cells. It has been found that fat from one part can be used to bring contour to another part by just suctioning out and injecting in the other.

Why is it so popular?

Everyone love a toned body, don’t they? Liposuction doesn’t just remove fat deposits from under your skin. It helps in bringing contours to the body and helping in getting a well toned and defined body without much pain and dieting ritual. This procedure is not very invasive and has less scarring. Also, the procedure doesn’t require a lot of post surgical precautions and the patient undergoing treatment is fit to return to normal routine within a day or two. This makes this procedure very popular among celebrities and models who can’t afford a break from their routine and busty schedules.

The procedure is proven to produce desired effect if done by a certified person and doesn’t require a lot of visits post surgery to the clinic. The procedure doesn’t require dieting and unwanted medication. It also does it necessitates exercising and is overall easier in practice. The concept of body shaping by manipulating the placement of fat cells in the body is another aspect of attraction in this procedure. Also, the loss of body fat and the subsequent loss in body weight are almost permanent and the fat cells once lost do not grow back.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure

Liposuction is a procedure which involves removal of excess fat cells from underneath the skin layers to bring about body contour and make the body look toned. However, it is wrongly conceived as a weight loss procedure. That is not the case. Fat cells do not weigh a lot and hence even after removing considerable quantities of fat cells from the body one might not have a lot of change in the body weight. It is still perceived as a weight loss procedure because post treatment the person looks considerably slim and toned. Hence the proper approach towards this procedure should be in removing fat cells and in attaining a slimmer and leaner body structure. There will not be a considerable variation in the body weight and may disappoint the patient if looked as a weight loss program. However it is observed that most patients tend to feel motivated post treatment and are more inclined to lose weight due to following a healthier lifestyle. This has nothing to do with the surgery.

Liposuction has helped many patients in gaining confidence and feeling motivated about their appearance. When done in the right way by a certified practitioner, this procedure might prove to be a boon to obese and bulky people who want to lead a normal life. A change in lifestyle and healthier habits coupled with a healthy diet and exercise is also needed along with this liposuction procedure to bring a change in one’s health and body.